Interact with Flash without ExternalInterface

Can I interact with an .SWF and maybe call methods OR click/type in controls without using the ExternalInterface? Would this ever be possible in any way shape or form, or no? I want to embed and partially automate a thirdparty SWF (is allowed) from within my program, and cannot add ExternalInterface Callbacks to the SWF. […]

Reliable way of determining whether an user account requires a password?

I just wrote this code snippet for listing all local users and whether their account uses a password (credits to Leniel Macaferi) var users = (from ManagementObject user in new ManagementObjectSearcher(@”SELECT * FROM Win32_UserAccount”).Get() where (uint)user[“AccountType”] == UF_NORMAL_ACCOUNT && (bool)user[“LocalAccount”] && !(bool)user[“Disabled”] && (bool)user[“LocalAccount”] && !(bool)user[“Lockout”] orderby (string)user[“Name”] ascending select new { UserName = (string)user[“Name”], […]